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Published November 14, 2018

Pontifex2 at it again, bring you the Top PS4 Game Reviews. It’s been five years that the PS4 is out, and in the course of its existence, the console has amassed a library of really fantastic games. Whether it’s excellent exclusives or from blockbusters to other formats, it contains a countless amount of fun video experiences.

Of course, at CartePerformance, we have a special attraction for video games, and we tend too much to test… That’s why we have taken the initiative to compile the largest available on the PS4 and the PS4 Pro games. Even if it is pretty subjective, there is no doubt that you will find your account in this list!

God of War

Best price: $39.99

Incredibly beautiful
Huge life expectancy
The most rewarding combat system
Improvements of characters add depth to the fighting
Great father and son scenario
No loading screen

The bosses are disappointing
The change of pace will not appeal to everyone
The final fall flat

God of War is a phenomenon increasingly attributed to Sony. On the PS4 Pro, in particular, the game is gorgeous through its more than 50 hours of excellent gameplay. Although a break with the other titles in the franchise, it is by far the best game of the series so far.

With an incredibly rewarding combat system, a fascinating story about a father and son, but also some of the designs of environment the more imaginative you’ll ever see, it is an essential for purchase all owners of PS4.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Best price: $29.99

Perfect ports of the arcade versions
Training and online game modes
The very detailed Museum mode does justice to the legacy of the series

In solo play, the AI of the opponents is ridiculously bad

Here’s how a collection from an iconic franchise. With perfectly executed porting of 12 of the most incredible Street Fighter titles, while the game was considered to be untouchable, the 30th Anniversary Collection is an essential purchase for fans of fighting games. Okay, one of the titles is a little rotten (the first game), but every journey begins with a first step and, Street Fighter has since become a staple of the video game industry.

Also, the collection of artworks, design drawings and other will allow you access aspects never shown previously and learn a lot more about your favorite games.

Far Cry 5

Best price: $ 59.99

Spectacular action in a magnificent universe
Four villains, each in his style
More organic and immersive than previous episodes
An excellent system of specialists and Allied animals

Sometimes sticks too much to the models of the former Far Cry
Loss of pace when the Seeds are not there

The last episode of the series from Ubisoft’s Far Cry is the expectations. Set in the fictional County of Hope, in Montana, Far Cry 5 makes you play the role of a Deputy Sheriff who is confronted by Eden Gate. This mysterious cult has enslaved the local population, become the dolls without will ready to accomplish their desires.

In front of this phenomenon is the family Seed, a quartet of crazy and fascinating villains you’ll need to overcome during your adventure. They have historical moments with excellent performance, even if their motivations are still a little fuzzy.

Far Cry 5 contains all the same mechanics crazy and excessive of its predecessors including outposts, hunting and the return of the companion system, unused since Far Cry 2.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Best price: $29.99

The great gameplay of Uncharted
Chloe and Nadine are excellent actors
Dazzling visuals
Places huge and design ingenious environmental
We do not get tired

Always the same (even if it is generally good things)

This episode independent of Uncharted features Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross while they travel the world in search of ancient treasure. Although it takes place outside of the main series, The Lost Legacy is just as beautiful and eventful than his predecessors. The successor to the exceptional Uncharted 4, is an experience not to be missed.

Stuart Andrews loved it, giving the score of 10/10 Lost Legacy in his test: “in my view, is not just one of the best games of the summer, but one of the top blockbusters of the season, any medium. If Naughty Dog wants to stay here with the series, it will be hard to complain, but hope that they do not. Currently, more Uncharted would be anything but a bad idea. ยป

Of course, being exclusive to the console, this game takes full advantage of the PS4 Pro with 4 K and HDR visuals.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Best price: $39.99

Huge, coherent and immersive world
Addictive gameplay and scenario
Beautifully rendered characters and environments
Full to the brim of quests, side quests, and exciting activities
Geralt makes the main character more mature and friendly

Long load time
Occasional fall of the fps rate

The Witcher 3 became the ultimate RPG – the only standard to which all others should be measured. First, it is the world most significant and most convincing open we’ve ever seen. But it is also a game with a storyline, quests and game systems that make this world a place where it is irresistible to exist.

It is the GTA 5 of the fantasy, so prepare you to hours of immersion.

The Last of Us Remastered

Best price: $24.99

Beautiful narrative and immersive gameplay
Improved graphics and fluid and constant fps rate
Includes excellent expansion Left Behind
Multiplayer Factions works better

The Visual improvements are not as significant as expected
No real reason to buy

The Last of Us was probably the best game on PS3, and its remake remains one of the best PS4 games on the market. The re-issue brings graphics upgraded, including HDR compatibility and the transition to 4 K for the PS4. There are also graphical improvements, a greater draw distance, a better combat mechanics and a better fps rate. Also, it contains the photo mode, simply sublime and, for us, will improve any game.

This edition also includes the captivating expansion Left Behind, which follows Ellie through his scenario. With the imminent release of The Last of Us Part 2, there is no better time to jump on the bandwagon and familiarize yourself with the game that started it all.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Price: from $19.99

the most beautiful game ever developed for console
An incredibly enjoyable combat system
So many things to do
A captivating script

The choices have little impact scriptwriting

Horizon Dawn Zero is just the best game ever made for console. That you play on PS4 or PS4 Pro, it is a beautiful game that must be seen to be believed. It is also one of the best examples of the use of the HDR in a game.

But Guerrilla Games also brings many things: Horizon is a compelling story told through incredibly satisfying gameplay. Under the guise of Aloy, you flip through this excellent world arc hand open and Chase what you will encounter. It’s an immensely fun game and a must-have purchase for gamers on PS4.


Best price: $24.99

Smart level design
Reliable and rewarding game mechanics
Thick and dark atmosphere
Improvements of characters add depth to the fighting

Often frustrating but it is characteristic of the series
The dark style can be annoying

Another fantastic game and another exclusive PS4, Bloodborne is the spiritual successor to the Souls of FromSoftware series. It’s a game demanding but rewarding, without rival since its release in 2014.

If you like when your games present an insurmountable problem followed a matchless triumph, you buy Bloodborne. The good news is that the game is currently free on PlayStation Plus, so what do you expect?

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Best price: $19.99

Emotionally causing
The best system of discretion
Great content

Weapons could be more creative
Animations and models of the characters sometimes have stiff air

A game that is much deeper than his style of series B would assume at first glance, Wolfenstein II delights with his fight at the first person creative and rhythmic. His scathing criticism of society is indeed supported, but there are few other games where to get the bad guys is also venting or justified.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus also managed the rare feat, for a suite, to be mainly at the level of its predecessor, by a real pleasure to play for the veterans of the first game. The story is fantastic, combining a distribution of engaging together with a genuinely moving scenario. Although the tone is sometimes irregular, it is always passionate about the idea of eliminating the threat of Nazi rule the world.

For more like this stick to Pontifex2.

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