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Full Version includes:

  • 40 levels (6 easy, 8 medium, 8 hard, 8 complex, and 10 “extra” levels)
  • 6 different materials to build bridges with
  • 15 different vehicles to cross your bridges. Including 4 types (trains, cars, trucks, boats).
  • Over 40 other 3d objects to decorate the terrain
  • Level editor to create your own levels
  • Map packer to create your own map packs
  • After patching start Pontifex II, the version should show as 1.1

    NOTE: If you are upgrading from v1.05 or v1.06 and have all ready done the procedure to fix levels extra03, extra04 and extra08 you DO NOT need to do it again. If you have made bridges for levels extra03, extra04 or extra08 you need to delete them to get the new patched levels. To do so follow the instructions below:
    WARNING this will delete the bridges built for levels extra03 and extra04
    After starting Pontifex II click Load Level
    Click on the 5-Extra folder
    Click on Extra03 and then click Load (top right corner)
    Click Edit (top right corner)
    Once the level loads click exit(top left corner)
    When asked if you want to save your bridge click Yes
    Then click Save (top right corner)
    Repeat these same steps for extra04, and extra08